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If you’re looking to lose weight, tone muscle, and experience a complete full-body transformation, it’s time for us to work together. I offer a complete range of health-related services to fit any busy lifestyle.

1-on-1 Nutritional Coaching

Managing a diet can be hard work. If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of your eating habits, I’m here to help. Follow-up sessions revolve around tailored strategies to help you reach your desired goals.

Initial session

60-minutes, FREE

I offer a free 60-minute consultation session to discuss your dietary habits and personal goals. During this time we get to know one another, review your current dietary and fitness routines, and discuss short-term and long-term goals.

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Follow-up sessions

30-minutes, $75 • 60-minutes $145

Our follow-up session can be weekly or monthly check-ins to talk about your progress and discuss any questions or concerns.

Wellness Bootcamps

Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. It also increases flexibility, improves cardio and circulatory health, helps maintain a balanced metabolism, and even improves respiration, energy, and vitality. And the best part about yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi to reap its wonderful benefits!


4 weeks, $75

If you’re new to yoga, or you’re out of practice, this bootcamp is designed specifically for you. Learn the fundamentals of yoga with detailed explanations of poses and develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement.


8 weeks, $150

This vinyasa-focused bootcamp is recommended for those who have a good foundation and understanding of how to link breath with movement. Classes include more challenging poses and advanced asanas.


8 weeks, $175

Are you ready to get out of your head and into your body? This bootcamp includes strength drills for inversions, core-challenging moves, and advanced vinyasa routines. No muscle will be left behind.

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